Stumps Are an Eyesore

Stumps Are an Eyesore

Clean up your yard with stump grinding in London, KY

No one wants a yard that's full of unsightly stumps. They detract from the overall appearance of your landscape, while stealing valuable nutrients from the soil. If you want an even, clear yard, you can get a stump grinding service from Tree Doctors, LLC in London, KY. We'll make it look like the stump was never even there.

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4 simple steps to a stump-free yard

Removing stumps shouldn't feel like a hassle. Our team makes the process easy. When you get a stump grinding service from us, we'll:

  1. Provide an on-site estimate for a small traveling fee.
  2. Use our state-of-the art machine to grind the stump away.
  3. Fill in the hole where the stump was.
  4. Clean up any remaining wood chips.

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